Netiquette: How to Navigate the World of Information

Are you confused about the digital world we live in? Feeling lost on how to behave properly on social media?

In recent years, various social media platforms underwent various changes regarding how content is posted and how videos are monetized. For example, content creators on Youtube can get their Google Preferred Programs removed, “shadowbanned” (meaning Youtube does not promote the creator’s videos at all), or removing partners from creators for not posting family-friendly content (Tubefilter, 2021).

By knowing what content to share with the world and knowing the audience that you are posting it to, you can prevent yourself from making mistakes such as not losing your job in the process. Here are some rules below on how to navigate this new world of information we are in today.

1. Don’t post any controversial content.

Over the past decades, the Internet has changed from text documents to content creation pages. However, one thing that has not changed is the use of inappropriate behaviour. Just as you would not behave inappropriately in public, you should not behave inappropriately on the Web. You should not post anything inappropriate such as nudity, violence, political content, or any content with foul language. It is important to watch yourself when going on the Internet. If you are not careful, hackers can leak your personal information to the public if you do anything of these things, and people are made aware of them, leading to negative consequences.

2. Don’t say anything that has any negative consequences.

As people living in Western society, we are free to express our opinions in regards to how we like certain trends and to speak our mind to things that we don’t like. However, there is a difference between expressing an opinion versus negatively reacting to things, especially in today’s world today. When expressing opinions and comments, try to be professional and think before you speak.

You can try to delete comments and posts, however, the netizens of the Internet will remember. Screenshots of your comments will reveal the truth.

3. Follow the Golden Rule!

Remember that the Internet is a valuable resource to have access to, don’t abuse it. People can still be hurt by negative words, either in-personal or virtually. Bullying is taken very seriously in all forms, including cyberbullying. The internet should not be a place of negativity, instead, it should be a positive community where others can share ideas and knowledge with each other.

With all that being said, although the Internet is an exciting place to be a part of a global network, it doesn't mean that you are immune to rules within the real world. So remember these rules above when surfing the Internet and have fun and enjoy.

Can you think of any other rules? Leave a comment down below with your opinions, let’s hear them.


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